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The holy grail of online advertising is having the ability to place your ad in front of a potential customer at the moment of a realizable purchase. Conventional display advertising attempts this, but until now online ads can only be placed on web pages that allow advertising. Perfect.Delivery Hyperadvertising changes the face of online advertising by offering display advertisements on any web page. You can target specific industries, geographic areas and specific web pages -- even your competitor’s website. Watch your marketing budget go further with online advertising that’s perfectly timed, perfectly targeted ... welcome to Perfect.Delivery.


Perfect.Delivery Hyperadvertising: Three Types of Targeting

Display Advertising has come a long way. But even with the explosion of numerous algorithms for programmatic bidding, it suffers from low click through because they are little more than glorified educated guesses on limited websites. With Perfect.Delivery Hyperadvertising, you can place your display advertising on any webpage -- even your competitors’ websites. This not only enables you to target an exact website (like your competitors’ signup page) but also specific industries’ websites and a specific geographic area.


Industry Targeting

Perfect.Delivery Hyperadvertising is a patent pending system that allows you to target any or all websites in a specific industry. So, if you are selling auto insurance, you can place a display advertisement on every other company’s website that sells auto insurance. Or, if you are an independent agent only serving a certain city, you could target potential customer in that city.

Industry Targeting


Target your banner advertising by matching your message with the right geographical audience. Say you are running an event in a particular city. You can place a display ad on every website in that city for x number of days prior to  your event.

Geo Targeted ads with perfect delivery

Direct Targeting

Perfect Delivery Hyperadvertising is a patent pending platform that allows you to target any website. Even a website that does not allow display advertising -- like your competitors’ home pages. There has never been a better way to target your potential customer at exactly the perfect time (when they are making a buying decision).

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